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H3700完全仿效天然胡桃木的自然狀態。早期,胡桃木被視為典雅木紋類別的代表,H3700被粗化的表面則是另一個創新。 同時,因風吹所造成的刮痕和細紋,使它和天然胡桃木幾乎一模一樣,是自然胡桃木的最佳詮釋。


The trend towards an authentic appearance also incorporates walnut. While walnut was considered more of an elegant wood type in the past, Pacific Walnut is an innovative version with a roughened surface. At the same time, wind cracksand inclusions make the decor image appear even more authentic, which represents an entirely new interpretationof walnut.


H3700 ST9                       Natural Pacific Walnut
材質 雙面MFC E1 P3塑合板 (7`*9`)
板厚 8mm 18mm 25mm 50mm
供料 O O O X