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H1150是一個忠實反應天然橡木原色、原紋理的自然版本。它只顯示輕微的鋸痕。由於白色石灰狀圖案和明顯的交叉條紋,它看起來更像個從未被刨過的天然木頭。和它的名字--自然灰橡木(Grey Authentic Oak)名實相符,適用於所有家具建築應用。 


Authentic Oak is another version of an oak decor defined by naturalness. It only shows slight traces of saw cuts. Due tothe white liming and pronounced crossfires, it looks like natural wood that has not been planed. This decor absolutelylives up to its name. Naturalness takes center stage with this oak decor, which is suitable for all furniture constructionapplications.


H1150 ST22                       Grey Authentic Oak
材質 雙面MFC E1 P3塑合板 (7`*9`)
板厚 8mm 18mm 25mm 50mm
供料 O O O X